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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Levi's Birth Announcement

Pin It I was looking forward so much to experiment with photography and take pictures of my little bundle of joy.  It scared me to death so I procrastinated til that last moment.  My mom was a big help and I took several hours to take these pictures.  With the additional help of the blow drier and white noise machine, I was able to capture a few priceless picture.  And hey, I can only improve from here!

Here's a few more of my favorites:


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Sunday, February 15, 2015

St. George or Bust

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For New Years this year, we traveled all the way to St. George.  Who travels in the winter all the way to St. George with a newborn after just recovering from mastitis?  We are insane.  I wish I could say that the roads were good, but that would be far from the truth.  They were awful!  But we survived our first road trip as a family of seven with not one extra seat for me to maneuver.  Again...we are cray cray.  Luckily the kids were really good, and baby was a trooper.  Aside from the throwing-up-in -the-back-seat-due-to-car-sickness-but-I-couldn't-get-back-there-to-help issue, it was worth the trip.  We couldn't pass up the opportunity to see so many cousins and make such fun memories.

We first stopped in with my cousins at Ali's house.  I miss them. 

It was so nice to have my sis meet this little man.

We spent the night at Josh and Marcie's then caravan-ed the next morning with them and Summer and Jared's families.  We stayed at a nice big house owned by Jeff, Marcie's Dad.  It was a wonderful place to stay because it fit us all with room to spare.  We just wanted a place where we could all be together and basically did nothing, let the kids play, and had many enlightening conversations.

We took the kids to a children's museum and they had a blast.

The combination of these two are mischief-makers!  But look at those faces...they get away with it.

So fun to have cousins the same age!  This reminds me of my two cousins on my Dad's side, there were three of us and we grew up together.  They were like sisters to me.   
 XOXO to Ani and Jennie.  

Same with these big girls.  

Glad these two have each other with all these girls everywhere!  

Traveling to St. George was worth the long drive.  It was a great time for all of us.  

Our final stop was with Shawn and Chelsea.  Their three girls were so adorable with Levi.  Callie is a little Mommy and made sure he was happy at all time. 

We love all of our family!  It was the perfect way to begin the New Year, visiting many of our loved ones.  These relationships are what truly matter to us.  

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

We Love Christmas

Pin It Christmas morning!  The kids woke up Gran and Grandpa in the basement first, then tried to drag Dad and Mom out of bed by singing.  Easier said than done with a newborn.  Kinlee was not having the traditional lineup, she takes after her mother and is not a morning person.

But she soon got over that.  

Brenna loved her American Girl Ballerina outfit and Battleship was Kempton's main Christmas wish.  Averie loved her grown-up jewelry box.

We took a break in between unwrapping presents and enjoyed our traditional quiche along with Gran's orange rolls, real chocolate milk and eggnog.  

I have been obsessed with getting the new P90x3 videos so that Cale and I can get in shape.  This is the year that we are going to get healthy together!  So Cale wrapped up these things loosely in a box so that I could unscramble the message.  He's so clever.   
We were SPOILED by our lifelong friends in California!  

The loot:

Kempton- Lego/project table for his room, magic set, Battleship, Origami, Cover Your Assets game, and Kitchen Science.  Look how happy he is!  

Brenna- reading pillow, Puppy Surprise, Ballerina outfit, journal, and jewelry box

Averie- duvet bed set, matching hat/gloves/scarf, mini American Girl doll, watch, and jewelry box
Kinlee- Doc McStuffins giant coloring book, paint, playdough, Little People Ariel, Mini Mouse, and Doc McStuffins play set

We had a wonderful Christmas!  
This mama is exhausted.  Christmas for five kids right after giving birth is not an easy task! haha
Thank goodness for a fabulous husband and parents who I could count on.

Christmas Eve

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It was our year to host our parents for Christmas.  I love that they come to us and rotate to all of their children.  We had our traditional sun-dried tomato chicken pasta, along with my brothers' families who sent us pictures of their variations.  We have adapted the original recipe over the years, adding mushrooms and using bow-tie pasta.  We paired it with Caesar salad and asparagus, along with sparkling cider.  Yum!

We then went to see the Christmas lights at the courthouse, came home and acted out the Nativity in our new costumes.

We then opened jammies.  This year there wasn't a matching theme, but each child received a pair that I knew they would love.  Kinlee is obsessed with Doc McStuffins right now (I make a caricature exception for pajamas and bedding haha).  

Brenna got Dolly and Me matching Nightgown jammies.  

Kempton loves his Ninja Turtle PJ pants.

And every got a more grown-up pair of cute PJs

Buddy (Levi) was in his first pair of Christmas jammies too!  Everyone wanted a turn to hold him. 

Daddy loves to have him fly like superman because he's flat as a board.  

All tucked in with visions of sugarplums dancing in their heads!