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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Brenna's Art Party

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Brenna was set on an art party for her birthday this year.  She loves drawing, painting, coloring, gluing, cutting, and creating. She will spend hours and hours doing all of these things at our kitchen table.   
(you may purchase this digital file at my etsy shop here.)
The artist herself!

The colorful cake.
The tablescape.
Paint sample banner.
We started the party by coloring all over the table (white butcher paper as a tableclots) and did this until all of the guests arrived.  Each child received an art smocks/aprons found here.

 They enjoyed these edible paint brushes (rice crispy treats, frosting, and popsicle sticks). 

Brenna was so kind to baby sister who was in the mix!

For our first activity, we went downstairs (to the unfinished basement) for our canvas artwork.  I found the cheapest canvases at Michael's with a coupon and the plastic paint pallets here. 

This was their favorite part, creating their canvas masterpieces.  They all looked forward to hanging them up at home.  

We then played "pin the smile on Mona Lisa."  I found the poster here and cut out smiles with red construction paper.  They loved it!

They squeezed in time for a Brenna sandwich.
It was now time for dinner, with rainbow fruit kabobs and homemade pizza (not pictured).
The last activity was a game of Pictionary.  They took turns picking out slips of papers with what to draw.  They had fun guessing what their friends were drawing.  This was a piano.  I think it looks pretty good!

 And finally, opening presents plus cake and ice cream. 

Each child went home with a paint can as a goody bag.  I just went to my local paint store for these.  Each guest labeled their own can with sticker labels and a marker (not pictured).  They also went home with their painted canvases, smocks, and plastic paint trays.   
I can honestly say this was one of my favorite parties to plan because what child doesn't like art? Brenna's dreams came true! 

Happy Birthday Brenna!

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A happy birthday to this little sunshine! 
What a delight and breath of fresh air she has always been.  She has a gift at keeping things light-hearted and happy around here.  I am in denial that she is 6 years old! 

The morning of her birthday, she wanted birthday cake pancakes:
Her birthday happened to fall on a day off of school (teacher prep day), so we took the opportunity to go to Fort Collins and celebrate. 
She is old enough to get her ears pierced! 


We stopped at Grandma and Grandpa's house on our way home. 

She and Grandpa have January birthdays

Showing off her pretty headband.

 And singing her heart out with her new Kareoke machine.

From Gran and Grandpa, she received American Girl Doll Clothes, a baking and yoga outfit.

Then I brought treats to her school, icecream and gummy bears again!


And we topped it off with a Mommy/Daughter date to cloud 9 icecream shoppe!

22 months

Pin It As I've said many times before, there is never a dull moment with our toddler.  Part of me is sad to say "toddler" because she is our baby.  But there's a lot of hilarious moments that comes along with having a toddler that make it easier to let her grow just a bit. 

First off, her vocabulary is exploding.  Everything she says is so funny to us, especially her full sentences.  I swear this happened over night.  She orders us all around and we just go along because it is so dang cute.  Even her bossiness cracks us up, she is especially funny when she is mad. 

She still thinks she owns the place, climbing on top of everything.  She loves to climb up on the girls' new bunk bed and has fallen off a few times but it still doesn't stop her!

She loves to "sleep" in the doll bed because it is so comfy???

This time, she got into my eye makeup remover and gave herself a facial and conditioned her hair.  She was a grease ball!  And she always seems to do these types of things right as we are about to leave to go somewhere.  I swear this is why I'm always late!  But then she does her cheesy grin and there's no way I could be mad.  She knows just how to manipulate us all!  
I can't keep her off the counter, especially when chocolate chip cookies are involved.   She decided to share with all of her siblings and feed them cookie dough with her fingers. 

 Anyone care for some cookies?  Gross.
The three girlies

She knew she was being funny when she came out with this dress up skirt up to her armpits and Mama's high heels on.  That HUGE smile is hard to resist. 


Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Another year has come and gone...

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We aren't the biggest party animals.  Most nights, I prefer to stay home with just our little family.  It's my comfort zone and our New Years Eve was no exception.  This year, we stayed in but let the kids stay up until 2014.  The night began around 6:00 pm and we popped a balloon every hour (or less) until midnight. 
Each balloon had instructions to an activity/game/dance/treat .  Here we are playing JENGA:

Kinlee does these sort of things all the time, so it seems fitting that she would begin the new year off right with marker all over her face and body.  We just thought she was quietly coloring over at the kid table.  Little did we know...
Brenna tried really hard, but made it 11 pm.
Our last balloon of the night, New Year's indoor explosives haha

Kempton worked all day New Years Eve to create his calendar for the year.  He put in birthdays and holidays and crosses out the date every morning right out of bed.  I love my organized boy! 

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Our Christmas

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 (Caution:  Photo overload)

Our Christmas PJs were Denver BRONCOS themed!  Everyone wore something to show their team spirit!  Christmas morning lineup (minus Kinlee who was grumpy):

I made them take this picture before opening presents.  They look so patient, but don't let them fool you.

They had to wait even longer so that we could get some food in this grumpy girl's belly.  Happy Girl!

Go Broncos!

 We open presents youngest to oldest.  Kinlee is at such a fun stage to open presents.  She melted my heart.  It was sort of an Elmo-themed Christmas.  She is OBSESSED with Elmo, it was one of her first words.

 Good thing Santa brought a new doll stroller, after much use with two girls, it was time for an update.  Kinlee thinks Elmo is her baby.

What a good little mommy she is!

Silly girl!  

 Next up is Brenna Rose:

It was a big year for Brenna.  Santa brought her a "Just Like Me" American Girl Doll.  With red hair and blue eyes.  Her and Averie have played nonstop with their dolls since Christmas.  

The loot:

 Can you guess what this is? haha  Nice wrapping job Santa!

Elway jersey, just in time for the Superbowl!  Now he can match Daddy in his #18.  He loves his remote control helicopter.

He wanted a bike with "gears and everything so he can go on long rides with Daddy."

 So excited about her new alarm clock.  This girl likes to be prompt!  

She wanted some more fashionable and mature hat and mittens.  

Her main present was her own sewing machine.  She has learned to use it all by herself (because sewing is not this mom's favorite hobby)!  

Her American Girl got matching glasses.

Mommy got spoiled too!  Check out those Golden Grahams.  hehe  Don't mind the morning face.

 Now that's what I would call true Bronco Fans!  

These store-bought cinnamon rolls were my best idea ever!  Served up with our traditional quiche , real chocolate milk, and egg nog.  Easy peasy.

The aftermath!

We headed over the mountain and through the woods to Grandma's house for Christmas dinner.  Look at their cute snowman ice cream cones!

A little after-dinner ride on Grandpa's new work stool.

New Matching Christmas Dresses

As I look back on all these pictures, I am overwhelmed with feelings of gratitude and love.  For my husband, children, family all over the country, wonderful friends, and the gospel of Jesus Christ.  We had a very blessed Christmas and my heart is full because of Him.